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Rumi Montessori has a range of short Montessori courses all available online so you can watch anytime, anywhere!

An Introduction to Islamic Montessori

Would you like to know why Montessori is the perfect platform for Islamic education?
Do you want to understand the Montessori philosophy from an Islamic perspective?

Join this online course where we will take an in depth look at the Montessori philosophy and it’s connection to Islamic parenting and education. Whether you are a parent or teacher, this course will give you a deep insight into child development and the Montessori method for teaching your children within an Islamic context.

This course is now available as a self paced course on my teachable platform.

Montessori for the Elementary Child

Do you want to know more about the Montessori method for the child beyond the age of six? 

Come and discover how a Montessori elementary education develops critical thinking, imagination, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and essential life skills needed for success in the 21st century and beyond.

Recent research is now proving that success in the 21st century requires an individual to develop essential skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, imagination, collaboration, and creativity; all of which are developed in a Montessori elementary school.

Montessori Cosmic Education (Islamic)

The cosmic curriculum is an integral part of the Montessori philosophy. During the elementary years (from 6-12 years) the Montessori curriculum is very much focused on cosmic education. But what is cosmic education? And why is it relevant to Muslim children? Join us for a short webinar looking at the purpose behind the Montessori cosmic curriculum and why it is essential for Islamic education.

Course Content
o A rationale behind the Montessori cosmic curriculum
o The relevance of cosmic education is Islam.
o An overview of the 5 Great Lessons from an Islamic perspective.
o Presenting the great lessons and follow up work.

Montessori Elementary Mathematics

Interested in Montessori Math for Lower Elementary in your homeschooling but have no idea what to do?

Join us for this 3 hour chit chat session with a certified Montessori instructor and trainer to discover Montessori Math at home and learn the presentation of these materials

1. Multiplication & division with the stamp game
2. Checker board
3. Multiplication on the bead frame
4. Golden bead frame
5. Test tube division

This course is now available as a recording on Facebook.

More Courses Coming Soon....

More courses coming soon...

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