Raising a multilingual child

In the first three years of life young children have what Maria Montessori described as “the absorbent mind” - one of the amazing things about the absorbent mind is it’s ability to effortlessly absorb languages in the environment without any conscious effort. This is the most crucial time to lay the foundations of multilingualism.Children remain…


Montessori Is Not A Money Making Business

The more I read Dr Montessori’s books the more I see she wanted her method to be accessible to children all over the world. Her intention was to serve the child, she didn’t have any intention to make this method elitist and only for the rich children. . I never really witnessed the commercialization of…


Settling In New Children with No Crying

It’s the beginning of the academic year in Malaysia and we’re busy settling in lots of new children. Here the new school year starts in January which I am loving. I'm already excited about all the things I have planned for 2020 and starting a new school year at the same time great for setting…


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