Our Vision

To become leading pioneers in Islamic education, changing the way education is approached and implemented, to ensure every individual has access to a broad and balanced education which unlocks the true human potential within each individual in order to actualise the true purpose of existence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform Islamic educational practice worldwide by establishing a holistic education model based on the Prophetic and Montessori approaches which serves the needs of all children, parents, educators and the wider community. Producing individual who actualise their full potential bringing about harmony, balance and stability to the world.

Why Montessori?

In the recent years, more and more Muslim parents and educators have turned to Montessori education in search of a holistic solution to educating the Muslim children of the 21st century.  More than ever, the Muslim youth of today are in need of an educational method which will instil a strong belief system while also providing a firm academic foundation allowing the child to reach their full potential in this world and also excel in the afterlife. Although there are countless Islamic schools available across the globe, many of which provide Arabic and Islamic studies, we have yet to see a holistic education system that truly nurtures the whole child and fully integrates Islamic teachings into all aspects of the curriculum producing well-balanced human beings with a strong Islamic identity.

Unfortunately, the majority of Islamic schools today, do not fully integrated the Islamic ethos into all areas of learning. This creates a dangerous separation in the conscious of the Muslim child and leads to a dyssynchronisation in the way the child thinks, feels and acts, resulting in major issues with the youth of the Muslim community today.

On the contrary, Islamic education should provide the child with the correct perspective for all topics of studies and must contextualise all learning within a strong Islamic belief system. Islamic education must nurture the whole child and also ensure that every lesson and all knowledge further reinforce the teachings of Islam and strengthens the child’s belief in Allah.

The search for the perfect model for Islamic education has led many Muslim educators to explore the Montessori method. This has resulted in a large number of Islamic Montessori pre-schools opening globally, as well as a small number of new Islamic Montessori primary schools. There is also a growing movement of home-educators using the Montessori method. These parents and educators have felt a connection between the Montessori method and their religion and have been inspired to adapt the model to suit their needs. However, there are not many Islamic Montessori resources or books available that can really help both parents and educators develop a deep, authentic knowledge of the Montessori method alongside a good understanding of how it all fits within the religion of Islam.

The aim of Rumi Islamic Montessori is to support the growing number of parents and educators using the Islamic Montessori method to educate children. It is our hope that this website, will facilitate for parents and educators to find the answers to many questions about the correct way to raise and educate Muslim children.


Islamic Montessori Pre-school for children aged 3-6 years. 

Elementary School

Islamic Montessori Elementary for children aged 6-12 years. 

Madrasah Al-Aliyah

Traditional Islamic Alim Program for students aged 12-21 years.