Montessori Grammar Box 8: Study of Interjection

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This set includes sentences and word cards used for the study of interjections in the lower elementary classroom.

Included in this set:

  • 10 Sentence strips
  • 56 Word card

The cards come in the traditional colours or primary colours, both are included. The download also includes a choice of full colour cards or cards with coloured borders only allowing you to print the version which suits your needs.

Primary colours:

  • Nouns: Black
  • Articles: Light Blue
  • Adjectives: Dark Blue
  • Verbs: Red
  • Adverbs: Orange
  • Prepositions: Green
  • Conjunctions: Pink
  • Pronoun: Purple
  • Interjection: Yellow

Traditional Colours:

  • Nouns: Black
  • Articles: Tan
  • Adjectives: Brown
  • Verbs: Red
  • Adverbs: Pink
  • Prepositions: Purple
  • Conjunctions: Yellow
  • Pronoun: Green
  • Interjection: Blue

Grammar boxes for other parts of speech also available.

Suitable for 6-9 year olds.


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