Montessori Green Series Long and Short Vowel Sound Sorting Cards

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This download contains 50 long and short vowel sounds sorting pictures [10 for each vowel sound]. These can be used when introducing the children to the long vowel sounds and introducing the different letter combinations.

This activity is designed to be used as an auditory tool only and does not contain word cards. Words can be written by the child if required.

All pictures are real life photographs and all words are written in Sassoon Montessori font. The materials are set out in a simple form ensuring that the child will gradually progress from reading simple words with phonograms to longer more complex words.

File are designed to be printed double-sided to provide a control of error for the child. If your printer does not automatically print double-sided, print odd paged then flip over and print even pages.

Download Includes:
– 10 long and short a pictures to sort

– 10 long and short e pictures to sort

– 10 long and short i pictures to sort

– 10 long and short o pictures to sort

– 10 long and short u pictures to sort.

Suitable for ages 5+


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