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Trust the Child


Have you ever had that experience when you try to teach a child something and it seems as if they don’t get it for weeks or even months. Then suddenly when you least expect it magically they master everything in a matter of days?

I’ve seen this happen time and time again. With children of all ages.

Sometimes we expect the development of the child to be linear and steady. But actually many children naturally learn in bursts and explosions.

In the process of acquiring a new skill there is often a quiet period where it appears as if not much is going on, and the child seems to not be progressing. This is usually where we get worried and out of concern begin pressuring the child to focus more or we give up and label the child as not being good at something.

But it’s important for us to understand that before a child will outwardly manifest their understanding or new skill, there is an internal period in which the child is processing and constructing their development. To us it may look as if the child is not progressing, but actually there is a creation taking place deep inside the child.

We need to give the child time to do this internal work. We need to trust them and support them in this process. We must be patient and observe carefully. This is the internal work of the child that will enable them to reach their full potential.

We must not pressurise the child. Or label them as slow or incapable. Don’t judge too soon and prevent the incredible work that is taking place.

We must master the art of observing the child, so that during these quiet periods the child is supported properly to do the internal work that is required..

Next time you feel a child isn’t getting something, take a step back, breathe and observe.


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