Settling In New Children with No Crying

It’s the beginning of the academic year in Malaysia and we’re busy settling in lots of new children. Here the new school year starts in January which I am loving. I'm already excited about all the things I have planned for 2020 and starting a new school year at the same time great for setting…


Normalising A Montessori Classroom

Recently I posted about the new children settling in our Montessori 3-6 classroom and many of you contacted me for tips and advice on how to normalise a Montessori classroom. Normalisation is a natural process with takes place in a child when they begin to intensively concentrate on an activity. Through concentration, the wanted and…


Arabic Moveable Alphabet

A few months ago I posted this picture on my Instagram, a boy who just turned 7 building words with our Arabic Moveable alphabet. My inbox flooded with questions from people about the material, the curriculum and how this Malay boy is able to easily write the words in Arabic. In our school, Arabic is…


Welcome To My Blog

Welcome the the blog section of Rumi Montessori's page. Some of you may already be familiar with my previous blog The Learning Ark. Between 2008-2015 I shared my sons Montessori journey and my experiences as I trained, taught and setup classrooms. Around 2014 I kind of lost steam for the The Learning Ark Blog and…


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