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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome the the blog section of Rumi Montessori’s page. Some of you may already be familiar with my previous blog The Learning Ark. Between 2008-2015 I shared my sons Montessori journey and my experiences as I trained, taught and setup classrooms. Around 2014 I kind of lost steam for the The Learning Ark Blog and began posting less and less. My Montessori journey never stopped but I couldn’t find the time to share as I used to. I was so busy running a school and training that I hardly had time to take pictures and write.
I tried to start blogging again, but never felt like The Learning Ark was right for me anymore. My life changed so much, I move across continents to Malaysia. I started to focus more on teacher training, rather than running a classroom.
Noah at 10 working on a decimal fraction lesson.
Noah is now 15 years old, I no longer teach him, he mostly teaches himself and follows his interests. Which I will post more about another time. So I no longer take those cute photos of him working on materials to blog about. Moving across continents was quite difficult at first. I left behind my classrooms and many of my resources which I spend many years working on : ( This was one of the hardest things I had to do…leave behind my Montessori life’s work.
Starting all over again, from scratch was tough, but three years on I now have my very own cute Montessori school in Malaysia and a lovely little business under the name Rumi Montessori. I focus a lot more on training and sharing my experiences so others can help children. I know so many people still read and enjoy The Learning Ark blog, so I have decided to keep it up. However, I will now continue blogging on this new page and have a lot more exciting work to share.

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