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Montessori Elementary Classroom – Compound Words

Compound Word Key Lesson

Yesterday I gave a presentation on compound words to three of our elementary girls. Today the worked on the follow up lessons using pre-prepared cards to create a compound words ribbon.

You can see the joy and excitement on their faces as they try to find the correct matching pairs. Lots of funny nonsense words are made in the process which the elementary children find particularly funny.

Note how they make an error creating ‘railrail’ but since the material has a control of error they are quick to discover and amend their mistake.

Dr Montessori observed a sensitivity to words in the elementary child. And so the Montessori elementary curriculum is full of exciting word lessons.

After they completed making the compound words they realised there are some they do not know the meaning to. So the girls then used an English dictionary to look up the meanings and recorded them in their books.

This is what Montessori education looks like in the elementary years.

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