Complete Montessori Blue Series

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This download is for the complete Montessori phonetic blue series material that is used after the Montessori pink series. The set contains all phonetic words with initial blends, final blends, middle blends and double consonants as well as longer phonetic words . All pictures are real life photographs and all words are written in Sassoon Montessori font. The materials are set out in a simple form insuring that the child will gradually progress from four letter phonetic words to more complex longer words.

Download Includes

– 36 word cards to match to your own objects
– 84 pictures with 84 word cards to match
– Printable moveable alphabet
– 36 secret words

– Blue series word cards [each contains 6 pictures and 6 words]
– 20 word lists

– 12 missing letter initial blend cards

– 12 missing letter final blend cards
– 12 phrase strips

– 12 sentence strips

– 15 sentence and picture matching strips

– Instructions to make and order of use

Suitable for ages 3-6 years and 6-9 years


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